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Prepare Good Article Review

How to prepare good article review within the short period

Writing assignments are a common task and students are required to write various assignments during their academic years. It is part of their curriculum and assignment writing can have a huge impact on their academic studies. Assignment writing used to create a lot of issues amid students of all academic levels. However, they are must to write down as it is very important and influences their grades. Review writing is one of the assignments that students find it hard to write their own. Article reviews come as a common assignment for higher studies and writing a good paper can bring you top grades. Students generally don’t know how to prepare good article review and ask with professionals how to write good article reviews.

What is Article review?

An article review is writing a summary and an assessment of a writer's article. It may look as if easy for students initially but it’s not easy in reality. Teachers often assign article reviews to bring in students to the work of expert writers in the field and allow students to understand their writing. Reviewing the work of others will give a perfect knowledge on writing, the different styles used to write an article, how to present arguments and how to bring in effective answers to the questions being asked in an article. There are a lot of things that you should be done while reviewing others work and the following tips will give you an exact idea about how to make an article review.

Know about the writer and the book

When writing article reviews knowing about the writer and the book that your review is very important. Keep in mind that you cannot write a good review if you don’t have good knowledge about the writer and the book. You essay should be based on the book and should narrate how the writers have achieved in bring in main points of arguments in the book. Hence, you have got to read the whole book and carry out in detail research on the book. You should study about the author of the book as well. You should understand the general themes of the writer and his styles in writing. Hence, make sure to know deeply about the writer and the book prior to start writing your review.


The main function of article reviews is to help the readers to make a decision whether they should read the text or not. Hence, your review writing about a book should cover the whole aspect of the book such as its style, themes, way of presentation, storyline, settings, use of words etc.

Understand the Main Points

When you write article reviews, it is essential for you to understand the main points of the article. Understanding the main points and arguments of the article is crucial for an exact summary of the article. You have got to understand about the article's main theme, supporting arguments, and conclusions of arguments since these are vital components of a review. When writing an article review, you will sum up the main ideas, arguments, positions, and findings. You have to make an analysis on the article's contributions to the field and on the whole success of the article.

Review Structure

It is important to review article format and structure when it comes to journal article review. Remember that nearly all articles go after a similar structure such as an introduction that narrates a short view of the article. The introduction part of an article should have thesis statement or main points of the article. Then, the body paragraphs that include the argument and it should support information with proper evidence. The conclusion paragraph sums up the main points discussed in the articles in few words. Generally, articles have subheadings which allow the writer to expand his main points with evidence. So, you have to make a review about structure of article and evaluate whether it succeeded in portraying the main points and supporting information.

Going through article review example or the sample article review will give you perfect knowledge on how to make a good article review. The following aspects should be covered in your articles review:

  • A title.
  • A complete bibliographic reference for the work.
  • The main points of the article.
  • The author's thesis
  • Evaluate Author’s argument and the information he used to back up that argument.
  • The author's common conclusions.
  • Your critique to the article about whether you liked the article or not.  
  • Evaluate style, and methodology used in article by the writer.
  • Conclude the article review.
  • Revise the review. Search for grammar, mechanics, and usage errors.